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Connect to the Universe with STARLAB

Why Do Students Love STARLAB?

Students inside STARLAB
The STARLAB® is an inflatable, portable planetarium system that helps draw students into the amazing world of astronomy. It is an educational tool that gets students excited about learning and encourages wonder and questioning about astronomy phenomena.


Student with stars
First Day of STARLAB - $200
Additional Days of STARLAB - $125 per day

Download the STARLAB Leasing Form here.

STARLAB is available to schools in Monroe1 and Monroe2-Orleans BOCES component districts. BOCES 4 Science couriers deliver and pick up the STARLAB equipment.

Tell Me More!

Student with stars
  • BOCES 4 Science has STARLABS for schools to use with PK-12 students.
  • The STARLAB is similar to a full-scale planetarium at museums, except it can be used at your school.
  • The STARLAB equipment is comprised of a light proof dome, a projector, and a variety of cylinders to address curriculum objectives.
  • We have many different cylinders you can use! Choose from Native American Mythology, Bird Migration, Deep Sky Objects and many more. Click here to see them all.  A BOCES 4 Science teacher can work with you to develop a lesson that meets your specific needs.
  • BOCES 4 Science certifies teachers to use our STARLAB equipment (contact us for more information).
  • The STARLAB dome can accommodate up to 25 students. 

For More Information

Kathryn Jensen
Science Resource Teacher
[email protected] 
(585) 617-2358

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