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Science Investigation Workshops

Join our science instructional specialists as they help you navigate expectations, glean tips for set up and implementation, and practice activities within each NYSED Science Investigation. Learn how these labs relate to the standards and how they can fit into your curriculum. Ask questions and collaborate with colleagues!

Click here to download a PDF of the current Rochester-area workshops or use the links below to go directly to Frontline.

Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES

Monroe One BOCES

Genesee Valley BOCES

Have questions or want to schedule an in-person BOCES 4 Science training at your location? Contact BOCES 4 Science Assistant Director Lisa Zeznick at (585) 617-2362 or [email protected]

About the Kits

Beginning in Spring 2024 the new Elementary- and Intermediate-level Science Tests will be administered to students in Grades 5 and 8. These tests are designed to measure students’ understanding of science skills and concepts contained in the New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS).

Prior to the written test, students will be expected to participate in a series of Investigation tasks. Investigation tasks are designed to be embedded into instruction and can be offered at any time in the school year.

BOCES 4 Science is providing Investigation Kits for both the Elementary- and Intermediate-level Investigation tasks.

BOCES 4 Science is a collaborative science program service developed through a partnership among the BOCES in the Mid-Western New York State region. 
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