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Science Investigation Workshops

Making Sense of the ELS & ILS Investigations for Administrators
An informative one-hour session that sheds light on the new NYSED Elementary and Intermediate Level Science Investigations including the rationale behind their development, the gist of each lab, various factors affecting administration of the investigations, and the pros and cons of different implementation options for districts. Offered by district request, either in-person or online. 

For more information about BOCES 4 Science Investigations Professional Learning or to schedule, please contact Lisa Zeznick, Assistant Director of BOCES 4 Science, at [email protected]

For more information about BOCES 4 Science Investigations Kits, please refer to the Investigations Kit Purchase Catalog on our website: or contact Steve Montemarano, Director of BOCES 4 Science, at [email protected].

Get the Fall 2023 Science Investigation Kits

About the Investigations

The Investigations are hands-on laboratory experiences that prepare students for the written Elementary- and Intermediate-Level Science Tests that will be administered in Grades 5 and 8, respectively, in Spring 2024. 

To assist educators in their understanding of and preparation for working with the Investigations, BOCES 4 Science offers kits that correspond to each of the ELS and ILS Investigations, along with complementary professional learning. Our kits contain the materials specified by NYSED for each Investigation, organized for ease of administration. Through our professional learning, teachers will understand the recommended approaches for introducing their students to the activities within the Investigations.

BOCES 4 Science is a collaborative science program service developed through a partnership among the BOCES in the Mid-Western New York State region. 
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