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Kindergarten Units

Kindergarten Units

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Pushes and Pulls - 10 instructional sessions

In this unit, kindergartners explore the forces of pushes and pulls as they enjoy a visit to the playground. They learn how to describe the position/motion of objects and the effects of forces on those objects. They experience the effect of slope on the speed of cars going downhill on tracks set at different heights, and forward and backward collisions. The interactions of a kickball game is tons of fun!

Weather For Kindergarten - 18 instructional sessions

Weather KitIn this unit of study, students apply an understanding of the effects of the sun on the Earth's surface. Students develop an understanding of patterns and variations in local weather and the use of weather forecasting to prepare for and respond to severe weather.

Worm Scouts - 18 instructional sessions

Worm ScoutsWhy are there piles of worms evenly spaced along the center of a road? Kindergartners ask questions and observe a classroom compost bin of redworms in order to investigate this phenomenon. On behalf of the Worm Scouts of the World, Scout the Worm guides students through the unit as they explore interdependent relationships in the ecosystem of a worm.  
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