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First-Grade Units

First-Grade Units

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A Bunny's Life - 20 instructional sessions

A Bunny's LifeIn this unit, students act as scientists as they observe how young rabbits look similar to but different from their parents. Students continue to study the rabbit, and other animals, when they look at patterns of behavior displayed by both the parents and the offspring that ensure the survival of the offspring. These patterns of behavior include how parents and offspring use their senses to process information. Students also observe how the structure and function of the rabbit’s external body parts (feet and coat) help the animal survive. Inspired by what they have learned, students design a product, which solves a problem in their own lives, by copying nature.

Sending Messages with Light and Sound - 28 instructional sessions

In this unit, young students behave as scientists as they plan and carry out investigations to provide evidence that vibrating materials make sound. Students realize the cause and effect relationship between light and our ability to see. Through a series of activities, students conduct investigations, make observations, and communicate information on how light interacts with different materials. Students look for patterns in their data focusing on how we use sound and light to communicate non verbally. The unit culminates in an engineering project in which students work collaboratively to design and build a device that solves the problem of communicating over a distance.

Sky Patterns - 16 instructional sessions

Sky Patterns KitIn this unit of study, students take on various missions as they investigate different sky patterns. These missions include tracking the Sun to predict where it will be at different times of the day and checking out sunsets to discover the seasonal pattern to the amount of daylight throughout the year. Students consider the cycle of night and day and figure out the patterns to the phases of the moon.
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