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Fifth-Grade Units

Fifth Grade

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Deer, Deer Everywhere! - 15 instructional sessions

In this unit, Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems are explored through the lens of deer overpopulation. Students take on the role of NYS Department of Environmental Conservation researchers charged with the task of creating a public service announcement on this issue.

Earth and Space Explorers - 27  instructional sessions

Earth and Space Kit

Got Water? -  14 instructional sessions

In this unit, students investigate Earth's Systems by taking on the role of interns at their local Got Water? facility. Students will explore and model interactions among Earth's atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere. As a final performance assessment, they will use what they have learned to clean up a water source that has been polluted with various contaminants.

Toys Matter - 16 instructional sessions

Students begin the Structure and Properties of Matter unit by being welcomed to their first day at the toy company, Toys Matter.  Throughout the unit, students will plan and carry out a series of investigations in which they will work with a large variety of materials. Their final challenge will be to use what they have learned to engineer a new toy.

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