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Closeup of student wearing goggles and examining a model
Students doing a science experiement
Two students making a model of the galaxy
Two students with a microscope
Student with a butterfly net
Two students doing a wind experiment
Closeup of student examining a praying mantis
Two excited students discussing their experiment

Newest Addition to BOCES 4 Science

BOCES 4 Science is happy to announce its newest way to help science educators meet New York State Science Learning Standards: Science Investigation Kits and Workshops!
  • To learn more about the workshops, click here.
  • 2023-24 Investigation Kit Catalog coming soon, watch this space!

Latest News

A Bunny's Life Gets Real in Kendall
One of the first-grade classes in Kendall Central School District had a litter of bunnies visit. The objective for the Performance Expectation is to learn that offspring look similar to, but not exactly like their parents. This litter had enough variability to prove that. Students had a lot of fun petting and playing with the baby bunnies. - B4S Teacher Kathryn Jensen
Six photos of students with bunnies

Learn More About "Where Are the Wolves?"

NYS Assessment Schedule

image of the revised Timeline from April 2021*Please note: Some B4S teacher training videos were recorded prior to assessment schedule changes – This timeline is the most updated assessment timeline currently available (revised April 2021). Please visit: for more information from NYSED regarding NYSSLS implementation.

Training Sessions

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