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Training By Demand: Starpoint CSD

BOCES 4 Science is excited to offer the following professional learning opportunities at Starpoint CSD. Sessions are from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Regan Intermediate School. 

All training sessions are FREE to those employed by a district that leases the respective units. Registration is not limited to those in Starpoint CSD.

In Powering thru the Fair, students take a virtual field trip to the NYS Fair in order to investigate the energy used there.  They follow a map to visit the roller coaster, ball toss, bumper cars, and more, all the while exploring ideas such as speed, collisions, and energy conversions.  As a final performance assessment, students will create exhibits to be displayed at the fair suggesting ideas for making it more eco-friendly. The NYS Fair will award free admission tickets to the winners of this contest.

In this unit of study, students explore the phenomenon of the monarch migration to Mexico. Lessons within the unit help students figure out that a special generation of monarchs migrate to Mexico over several months even though their adult life span is typically two to three weeks. Additionally, students determine that the butterflies making the trip south do not come back north. A main topic in this unit is life cycles. Students watch butterflies go through their life cycle right in their classroom and collect data on the four stages of their life cycle - birth, growth, reproduction, and death. Another main topic in the unit is inheritance of traits. Variations of these traits provide advantages in surviving, finding mates, and reproducing.

BOCES 4 Science is happy to plan a training session at a location convenient to you. Have questions or want to schedule an in-person BOCES 4 Science training at your location? Contact BOCES 4 Science Assistant Director Lisa Zeznick at (585) 617-2362 or [email protected]
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