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Kit Add-Ons

Kit Add-Ons for 2020-21

Our core mission is to actively engage all students in amazing, hands-on science to help support the development of 21st century skills necessary for college and career. The New York State Department of Education, in their July reopening guidance document, states that students must still “receive high quality, rigorous, standards based instruction that will meet their academic needs and allow them to attain the learning standards in all curricular areas” -- including science.

An Add-On kit supplements the use of the primary BOCES 4 Science resource kit with some additional supplies to support learning for all students (based on materials provided in primary kit and Add-On kit) in school, at home, or in a hybrid setting. For example, where a lesson may ask students to work in a small group setting with one set of materials, an Add-On kit will provide materials for all students to explore content without needing to share supplies.

Order Kit Add-Ons

To support classrooms using BOCES 4 Science resource kits, we are proud to offer Add-On kits to provide students with individual instructional materials, and help limit the use of shared supplies. Use the document below to order Add-On kits.
BOCES 4 Science is a collaborative science program service developed through a partnership among the BOCES in the Mid-Western New York State region. 
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